Monday, July 24, 2006

This is our Max

My brother Jim is a dog person, right now he and his girlfriend have 2 dogs; his girlfriend's ancient, blind Yorkie, Muffin. Jim has a marvellous mutt named Max. That is supposed to be short for Maximilian, supposed to be.

Max was adopted from the pound, already neutered, with all of his shots. He sat in his cell in the pound with sad eyes, and downcast demeanor. My brother Jim thought to himself, "That is one sad dog, he won't be much trouble.".

So, he adopted Max with all due haste and the very second he walked out of the door of the pound, leading this docile mutt, everything changed!! Max went wild!! He ran in scrabbling circles around the parking lot, barking in delight and dragging Jim with him!! Who said that neutering mellows the male animal out???

They, Jim and his daughter Kryssi, finally got Max loaded in the truck. Avoiding his tail that wags 24/7, and those spring-loaded hind legs they managed to make it home without getting into an accident. By this point Jim decided that Max is actually short for "Maximum Overdrive".

Max is a lovely dog in appearance, he's a mix of Great Dane, Greyhound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Pit Bull. He has a short dark fawn coloured fur with white and light golden-brown eyes, he looks like he is smiling all the time.

He has the deeper, powerful chest of a Great Dane or Pit Bull, the legs and dancing gait of a greyhound, the colouring of a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and the head of a Great Dane. Those springy legs are well-muscled, with white toes on all four feet, yet they are as delicately drawn as any greyhounds'.

He is playful, affectionate, sweet of temperament and very loving. He loves romps, and tug of war; he is in his glory at Christmas, for he is fascinated by the sound of crackling paper. As everyone unwraps their gifts Max is there, with bright eyes and an enormous doggy grin. If he was allowed to, he would shred every bit if gift wrap to tiny flakes of paper, scattered from one end of the house to the other.

He has also developed a taste for lizards, much to everyone's consternation. He will catch them and eat them whole, his 'food' begins to freak out; then thrashes until poor Max throws them back up, alive and unharmed.

Max has appointed himself "Guardian of the Human Puppies". The kids romp in the pool and Max runs around and around the pool barking ceaselessly, with his forehead crinkling in worry. By the time the kids have grown too weary to swim any more poor Max has run the pads of his paws raw on the pool decking.

No matter how hard everyone tries to keep him from running his feet raw, Max refuses to be derelict in his self-appointed duty. This isn't easy for him, because he doesn't swim well, and he does not like water.

Max also fancies himself a lap-dog. As soon as one of his favourite humans will sit in a chair or on the couch, he lumbers into their lap. He would happily remain there if Jim didn't chase him off. He worries that Max will accidentally hurt someone, which is very possible.

Despite his quirks and flaws, Max is loved by everyone that meets him, because everyone is Max's friend. All guests are greeted with loud wuffs, wagging hindquarters, and a smile as broad as Max can make it.

The people he deems 'special' are gifted with even more of a greeting than everyone else. He takes off through the house at a dead run, always circling back to the beloved guest. He will scrabble to a stop and, if he weren't told not to,would jump up to lick the person's whole face in two or three swipes.